ride smart win easy!

Titel beim Dirty Race 2015 verteidigt!

the offroad run-bike-run close to Stuttgart i the traditional season opener for every multi sport athlete in south germany who choses not to train in the sun at this time of the year.

A look on the results from the past 15 years boasts the like of Norman Stadler and Sebastian Kienle as well as some Pros from the Mountainbike scene. 

The slogan " are you tough enough" seems a bit odd for a gravel road run and a bike loop through grassy farm roads and vineyards but traditionally at this time of the year our

countryside turns into a mixture of deep mud with some centimeters of wet snow cover that makes even the easiest course a challenge for riding skills an equipment. 

Thats why draw a lot of smiling and mocking comments dressing up my rebel seven with dirt fenders, super narrow Schwalbe dirty dans and my helmet with a ski mask.

Well, it all looked like the king of geeks but i was smiling to myself, holding back on the first run and let the super hot youngsters dream of victory. 

Once the all got all stuck hopelessly in messy mother nature and fighting with tons of dirt and stuff in ther drive trains and faces i was catching up everything my legs could not 

give after the night shift before. With the best runners even further behind and the guys left around me completely wasted a fast first kilometer of the second run was enough to secure victory.

The last metres with my little boy in the stroller and i am sure that you will see more people riding with fenders and ski masks in the coming weeks!


Let the season begin!